Justyna G's love affair began with fashion from the very moment she was old enough to flick through Vogue. She fantisized about wearing exclusive designer pieces. Pieces that only a few selected people in the world owned. She thrived on a world of exclusiveness and individuality, as many girls in the world do.

Since finishing school, modeling and travelling the world she finally returned back to her home land Melbourne, and that's when her real adventure began to take place.

Subsequently, after many years of sketching, reading and of-course dreaming, she finally landed on her feet and decided to study in business, pattern making and sewing, all pretty muchat the same time!

With her courage, stamina, strength and many sleepless nights she pursued her dream. She created one-off pieces and word spread fast. Girls from all over the world wanted that exclusive piece that no one in the world owned.

Her passion for that exclusive piece, turns out, was every girls dream.


Today Justyna G strives to keep her vision alive by offering an opportunity for you to wear that limited design (where only 10-20 pieces are made at the most) or one-off piece (a dress only made once).

Justyna G truly lives by her saying '
I love having a dress no other girl has'.


She hopes you can too!


A 'Justyna G' girl knows how to have fun without taking life too seriously, dances all night & laughs at what life throws at her.


She is carefree, screams FUN and isn't afraid to wear colour.

Each dress is lovingly handmade & either a one-off design or made in limited numbers...


Enter her world & go on an exciting journey whilst wearing one of her frocks...

You will be filled with fun, laughter and so will your clothes!